iD Additives Organic Mold and Metal Cleaner is formulated with the environment in mind and all products are nonyl-phenol free (no NP-surfactants), ODC free (no ozone depleting chemicals), and HAP free (no hazardous air pollutants). This all natural cleaner quickly cuts through oil and grease, mold lubricants, wax, rust preventatives and more.

Meets the requirements for use in food industry applications under 21 CFR 175.300 (b) (3) xxv & xxvii making this a great mold cleaner for Medical and Food applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Natural Formulation

  • Environmentally Safe and Non-Toxic

  • Medical and Food Applications

  • Refillable Atomizer Sprayer System

  • Meets FDA Regulations

  • No CFC’s or Harmful Propellants

Atomizer Sprayers will provide a uniform spray of iD Mold & Metal Cleaner – without CFC’s, Freon, or other potentially dangerous propellants. Instead, these sprayers use readily available compressed air as the propellant. They are as easy to use as aerosol… just point and spray. And, they are refillable and rechargeable. When you run out of product or want to change liquids, just depressurize, refill, close and recharge. It’s that simple!

The sprayers are the same diameter as an aerosol can and can be used with many products. Standard maintenance includes periodically replacing the Valves and Nozzles. These parts are available both individually and in complete repair kits.

iD Organic Mold & Metal Cleaner