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The SPE PlastiVan Program and its Educational Outreach

A few weeks ago, iD Additives was thrilled to sponsor the PlastiVan Program for sophomore students at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, IL. The PlastiVan program goes in to Science classrooms in high schools across the country. They spend a day going over the Plastics industry, college and career opportunities, the history of plastics and the students even try out a few experiments!

Elizabeth Egan from SPE demonstrates moving polymer chains by piercing a balloon with a skewer – one of of our favorite demos of the class!

A few of the things they mixed up in their labs included the material created by NASA that went on to be the absorptive layer in diapers and the ectoplasm slime from the Ghostbusters movies!

Students experiment with plastics at their lab stations!

Lyons Township High School is located blocks away from our Corporate offices. As a business that operates in La Grange with employees who live in the village and surrounding areas, we are passionate and committed about giving back to our local community. We sponsor Challenger little league teams each year and now we are excited to share more of the Plastics Industry with our young neighbors.

Elizabeth Egan of the SPE PlastiVan Program demonstrates how Nylon is made (and explained why we needed it!)

We are looking forward to sponsoring this program again in the future!! If you are interested in more info or sponsoring the PlatiVan program at a school near you, please send us an email at info [at] idadditives [dot] com and we’ll get you in touch with the right people!

Chemical reactions producing the foam found in upholstered items!

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