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Exciting Announcements! New iD Liquid Systems & High-Temp Foaming Agent Launch!


LaGrange, IL (October 3, 2016) . . . iD Additives, Inc., a leading North American supplier of additives including foaming agents, UV stabilizers, purging compounds and other products to the plastics industry, has announced it has opened a new division, iD LiquiD Systems™, devoted to the production of liquid colorants and additives in Flint, TX. In addition, the company announced the launch of a new high-temperature foaming agent designed to work with engineering resins in part lightweighting applications.

New Liquid Color Facility

iD LiquiD Systems is being run by Brian Cochran, Technical Manager at iD Additives. He joined the company in 2016 and has over 30 years of extensive experience in the Plastics Industry that include positions as President, Senior Plastics Engineer and Consultant at Britec Solutions Inc.; President and Founder of Polytech Color and Compounding Inc.; and Sales/Technical Manager for Marco Color Laboratory. His areas of expertise include Product Development, Plastics Engineering, Color Appearance and Technology, Dispersion Practices and Performance Improvement, and Thermoplastic Compound Formulation.

“Expanding into liquid colors made sense for our company at this time,” said Nick Sotos, President of iD Additives. “We see it as a real growth area and having an industry expert like Brian has already helped us make great strides towards creating products our customers want and need.”

Virtually any plastics molder who needs color change in their products can benefit greatly from liquid color. Caps and closures, toys, cutlery, bottles, packaging, housewares and other products are all good candidates for this technology. Unlike colored pellets or powders, liquid color can be metered and dosed much more effectively into the plastic melt stream, allowing for better dispersion of the color and better quality finished parts.

iD LiquiD Systems will distribute to the North American market from the Texas facility. Specialty products include color foam which combines the liquid colorant and foaming agent in a single product; and liquid color delivery systems will be provided including everything the processor needs to effectively incorporate liquid color into their process. These include metering pumps, mixers and pre-mixers, bucket tumblers and agitators, pump carts, tote delivery systems, adapters, plates and injection nozzles.

New High-Temperature Foaming Agent Ideal for Use with Engineering Resins for Lightweighting Applications

iD Additives has also announced the newest addition to its line of foaming agents, designed specifically for use with high-temperature resins. The new iD High Temperature Foam features a very low (under 2%) LDR and is non-hydroscopic, so no material drying is required. It improves material flow and dimensional stability for both cosmetic and non-cosmetic applications.

Ron Bishop, Technical Manager at iD Additives, describes the new foaming agent as ‘very user friendly.’ Primarily used for injection molding applications but also in sheet extrusion, iD High Temperature Foam performs well with materials such as Nylon (filled or unfilled), PC/ABS, and PC. It allows for low pressure molding and also has endothermic reaction for faster molding cycles.

About iD Additives, Inc.

Based in LaGrange, IL, iD Additives, Inc. is a young company backed by many years of experience and expertise in fulfilling additive needs in the plastics industry. The company is the proud recipient of the Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Companies award for 6 consecutive years.

iD’s products and services are of the highest quality, yet engineered to be efficient and cost effective. iD has a line of foaming agents, UV stabilizer systems, purging compounds and additives that will fulfill a majority of our customers’ needs. For any additional needs, we will quickly design custom products. Our unique compounding technology allows us to supply our customers with speed, versatility, and accuracy. Coupling foaming agent technology with other additive and colorant needs allows us to offer a cost effective, “One Pellet Solution” for our customers’ additive needs. We offer full technical support for all the products that we sell to maximize the results.

Visit our website at, or follow us on Twitter at @iDadditives for more information.

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