Our plastic resins include but are not limited to the following:

In partnership with Spartan Polymers, we offer a full line of PP, PE and TPO resins. We can support your resin needs in this area with Prime, Generic Prime and Wide Spec.

Polypropylene: Homopolymer, Copolymer, Random and Clarified

Polyethylene: High Density, Low Density, Linear LD & High Molecular Weight

Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO)

We also offer the following import materials:

Polystyrene: General Purpose, High Heat and High Impact

ABS / SAN: Extrusion Grade, Injection Grade

PET: Bottle Grade and Sheet Grade


Carver also sources and sells regrinds and reprocessed materials offering consistent homes for the materials and prompt payment. In today's marketplace, with rising resin costs, regrinds and repro can be used as a lower cost alternative. We have a steady feedstock stream of a number of commodity and engineering grade resins and reprocessed materials for you consideration. Representative samples are always available.

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Carver Plastic Products is an authorized distributor for iD Additives, Inc. The wide range of products offered by iD Additives include:

  • Foaming Agents

  • Purging Compounds

  • MRO Products (iD Eco-Pro 360) 

  • Slip and Anti-Block for the blown film industry

  • UV and Heat Stabilizers

  • Nucleates

  • Antistats

  • Antimicrobials


By working with iD Additives, we have been able to help customers reduce end product weight and reduce cycle times.

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Carver is supplied by leading manufacturers of color concentrates offering FDA and Non-Heavy Metal concentrates in most commodity and engineering grade resins. Our suppliers are geared to expedite color matches and orders, and they are ISO 9001:2000 certified to ensure quality products. We can offer heavily loaded concentrates to reduce letdown ratios and a “Micro Pellet Technology” that can significantly reduce your pigment costs.

Calcium Carbonate Concentrate

Carver Plastics is supplied by Heritage Plastics of the leading Calcium Carbonate Concentrate in the Plastics Industry. These products can be used in Blown Film, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Thermoforming. 

Mineral based concentrates offer innovative and dynamic ways to work with plastics. More so today than ever before, they deliver affordable solutions to converters, improving performance and plant productivity, as well as helping to offset continually rising resin costs. Their application usage areas continue to broaden, not only in blown films, but tremendous growth in blow molding, sheet thermoforming, and injection molding. Over the past several years the quality of these minerals and concentrates has steadily improved, shifting their perception by the industry from simply "a filler" to what the processors now consider an essential performance additive, delivering performance, productivity and savings.


  • 80% of a 1 micron CaCO3 in LLDPE

  • Largest selling product for improving performance in polyolefins. Versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of applications


  • 80% of a 3 micron CaCO3 in LLDPE

  • Cost effective solution for general purpose applications


  • 85% loaded calcium


At Carver Plastic Products we believe in doing business the right way, by “doing what we say we will do”. Please call or email us and we will work with you to save money and add value to your processes.